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World Champion Waterskier excels with HemiCAP Knee Implant

World Champion Waterskier excels with HemiCAP Knee Implant

Jen LaPoint is the Senior world champion waterskier. She opted for a PF Wave Implant a few years ago and couldn’t be happier!

Arthrosurface® offers two joint restoration systems for the knee that are approved in the United States. The UniCAP® system is designed for the medial/lateral compartments and consists of 10 different femoral surface options and 6 inlay tibias. The tibia is prepared arthroscopically using a unique retrograde cutter and is the only Uni implant is the world that allows preservation of the meniscus.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.53.09 AMThe Patello Femoral HemiCAP® is available in 2 different sizes, with 21 trochlear convexities and 13 different patellas making it the most versatile PF system in the world. Both the trochlea and patella are designed as inlay implants in order to maintain and restore congruency in the PF joint which is very important for proper patella tracking.

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