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Why Do So Many Baseball Players Need Shoulder Surgery?

​​Do you play baseball? It’s a classic pastime in the United States, and spending time on the diamond keeps you active and healthy.

However, baseball players put their shoulders through a lot of stress. In fact, they are more likely to develop shoulder issues and eventually need shoulder surgery.

At Twin Palm Orthopedics in Ocala, Florida, we understand the sports medicine needs of baseball players. Let’s review how baseball players stress their shoulder joints and what that may mean for you.

Our team, led by Dr. Derek Farr and Dr. Nirav Gupta, can help you take steps to protect your shoulders while you play, preventing injuries like rotator cuff tears. And if you need shoulder surgery, we support you from planning to recovery. 

How playing baseball stresses your shoulder

When you use your shoulder joint, it experiences repetitive stress. And baseball players put it through plenty of stress. That explains why shoulder injuries are common in baseball players.

The high-intensity twisting and throwing motions used in baseball negatively affect several parts of your shoulder joints. You could injure or tear your rotator cuff — a group of muscles and tendons that control your shoulder’s ability to lift and rotate. 

Depending on whether you experience a partial or full tear, surgery can be required for a full recovery.

Repetitive stress from throwing also causes your shoulder joint to loosen when key tendons and ligaments stretch. Shoulder pain may also be related to a tear in the labrum — the cartilage that wraps around your shoulder socket.

Supporting your shoulders with sports medicine

Clearly, people engaged in competitive and high-intensity sports like baseball must take extra care of their shoulders. At Twin Palm Orthopedics, we’re experienced in providing sports medicine support to athletes.

With the proper approach, you may be able to avoid surgery for shoulder damage. It’s essential to listen to your body whenever you’re active. 

Get checked out at Twin Palm Orthopedics if you notice warning symptoms like: 

If you experience an injury like a rotator cuff tear, early detection may help you avoid surgery. 

Rest, immobilization with a sling, and physical therapy can address many shoulder injuries without surgical intervention. Steroid injections and regenerative medicine treatments help you heal faster and with less pain.

In some cases, surgery may be your best option for keeping your shoulder joint strong and functional.

Our Twin Palm Orthopedics team utilizes minimally invasive surgery. We use arthroscopic techniques to reduce the incision size and recovery time.

For sports medicine support focused on keeping your shoulder strong, functional, and pain-free, contact Twin Palm Orthopedics today. Call now to schedule your appointment, or request an appointment online.

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