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5 Benefits of Arthroscopy vs. Open Surgery

There are many reasons why you could need surgical joint replacement. Whether you’ve experienced a sports injury or degenerative wear-and-tear over time, a new shoulder or knee joint could save you from pain and restore your body’s full functionality. 

At Twin Palm Orthopedics in Ocala, Florida, our team of orthopedic surgeons uses arthroscopic techniques whenever possible for your shoulder or knee surgery. Under the leadership of Dr. Derek Farr and Dr. Nirav Gupta, we specialize in shoulder arthroscopy and knee arthroscopy.

Here are five key benefits of arthroscopic surgery.

1. Smaller incisions for minimally invasive surgery

During knee and shoulder surgeries, arthroscopy allows for a minimally invasive approach. Arthroscopy involves using a thin tube with a lighted camera, showing our team the interior of the joint.

Instead of making the large incisions needed for open surgery, we work through small incisions. This way of completing your surgery is much less invasive than open surgery techniques.

2. Reduce your risk of complications

In cases of chronic joint pain or dysfunction, surgery may be the best path forward. However, it’s also true that any surgical opening in your body comes with some risk of complications.

With minimally invasive arthroscopy, we reduce your risks of complications. Due to small incision sizes, your body experiences less trauma and blood loss, reducing the risk and severity of complications during and after your procedure.

3. Limit your post-surgical pain

After open surgery, you’re likely to experience significant pain. Muscles may need to be cut to access knee or shoulder joints, and tissue damage may be extensive.

After arthroscopic surgery, you experience much less pain. We work around your muscles and tendons, minimizing tissue trauma. With less overall pain, your pain management plan can avoid potentially addictive medications or reduce your dosage.

4. Shorten your post-op recovery time

You want your recovery time after shoulder or knee surgery to be as short as possible so you can get back to your life with reduced pain and improved mobility. After shoulder arthroscopy or knee arthroscopy, you can often go home the same day as your procedure. We let you know what to expect in terms of your recovery.

5. Avoid extensive scarring

Even when you’re done healing after traditional open surgery, scarring remains as a reminder of the procedure. Arthroscopic surgery leaves you with less scarring, so you can move forward with increased comfort and self-confidence.

If you’re experiencing shoulder or knee pain, consult with our arthroscopic surgery experts at Twin Palm Orthopedics to learn how advanced surgical techniques could benefit you. Call today to schedule your consultation, or request an appointment online.

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