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My Grandparents Had Hip Replacements — Will I Need One Too? 

My Grandparents Had Hip Replacements — Will I Need One Too? 

Surgical hip replacement allows you to enjoy the full function of your hip joint without pain. If you watched your grandparents aging, you may remember hip replacement procedures being a significant life event. This type of surgery involves extensive recovery. However, after healing, the benefits are substantial.

If you could benefit from hip replacement, it’s important to be aware of your options. However, just because your grandparents needed hip replacements doesn’t necessarily guarantee that this procedure will be part of your aging process.

At Twin Palm Orthopedics of Ocala, Florida, we work with you to develop awareness and planning around potential problem areas of your body, including degenerating hip joints. 

If you have hip pain or hip joint dysfunction, talk to Dr. Derek Farr and Dr. Nirav Gupta to learn more about the prevention and treatment options available as you age.

Hip joint wear and tear

Wear-and-tear, degeneration due to aging, and past injury and trauma all play roles in how well your hip joint functions as you age.

Some of these factors relate to heredity and can be passed down through your family. If one of your grandparents needed hip replacement due to arthritis, and you’re also showing signs of developing the same condition, it’s more likely you’ll eventually need hip replacement.

However, if your grandparent needed hip replacement due to repetitive stress from a life as an athlete, the experience of previous generations doesn’t significantly predict your outcomes. 

Maintaining and supporting your hips with stretching, exercising, and a healthy diet makes more of a difference in whether you’ll eventually need hip surgery.

Your hip replacement options

Hip replacement surgery is common because hip joint dysfunction significantly impacts your quality of life. 

When your hip hurts or impacts your mobility, it’s challenging to maintain your daily activities. That can make you isolated and increase your risk of depression, diabetes, and other serious physical and mental health complications.

Talk to our team about your hip joint complaints. After a thorough physical exam and review of your personal and family medical history, we help you review your options.

You may be able to delay or avoid the need for hip replacement surgery with approaches like physical therapy, pain injections, and lifestyle changes. But surgical hip replacement could be the right path forward for you if your hip joint is affected by damage or deterioration.

During a surgical hip replacement, we remove damaged parts of your hip joint, replacing them with medical-grade prosthetics that work just like the original joint. After completing recovery, you have many years of pain-free mobility to look forward to.

To learn more about hip replacement and hip care, contact Twin Palm Orthopedics today. Schedule your initial consultation online, or call now to book.

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