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Hip Replacement

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If your hips are constantly painful and stiff due to arthritis or injury, it can seriously affect your ability to lead a normal life. Derek Farr, DO, is a board certified fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who prides himself in serving the community of Ocala, Florida. Dr Farr and his team have extensive experience in carrying out hip replacement surgery and use cutting-edge technologies like the Stryker® implants and Mako® robotic-arm-assisted technology to optimize patient outcomes. Call Twin Palm Orthopedics today to learn more or request an appointment online.

Hip Replacement Q & A

Why would I need a hip replacement?

Your hip joint is the largest joint in your body and plays a part in almost everything you do. If you have pain and a reduced range of movement in your hip, it can make everyday activities such as getting dressed, sitting down, walking, getting out of bed, and getting in and out of a car extremely difficult.

In many cases, Twin Palm Orthopedics can provide many effective treatments for hip pain that keep you mobile and reduce discomfort for many years. However, some patients find that these therapies lose their effectiveness over time, making hip replacement worth considering to improve a patients quality of life.

What causes hip pain?

Arthritis is the most common cause of hip pain. Rheumatoid arthritis and post-traumatic arthritis account for some cases, but the vast majority of cases involve osteoarthritis, which typically develops in the aging patient. Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear type and we will all develop osteoarthritis if we live long enough.  

Arthritis causes pain, swelling, and inflammation in the joints due to the loss of cartilage between the bones. As the ends of the bones become exposed, they begin to rub together, which causes the symptoms of arthritis. Often this leads to the patients being less active.  

Many people who have hip pain find little relief even when resting, as it’s hard to take all your weight off of your hips and pelvis. 

How is hip replacement surgery carried out?

Derek Farr, DO, at Twin Palm Orthopedics carries out minimally invasive hip replacement surgery using the cutting-edge Mako robot-assisted technology. Makoplasty allows Dr. Farr to carry out surgery with a higher degree of accuracy than would be possible with the human hand while at the same time reducing damage to the tissues surrounding the hip.

Prior to the operation a CT scan is obtained to make a 3D model of your arthritic hip. Virtual implants are placed on your 3D computer model. This information is then loaded into the robotic arm so that, under the direction of Dr. Farr, the implants are perfectly positioned. No two hips are identical, so think of this as custom fitting your implants. The size, shape, and position of the implants are optimally placed so that the leg lengths and offset are equal.  

During the operation there is live feedback on computer screens that ensures Dr. Farr places your implants with precision. This not only leads to improved outcomes and a better fitting and feeling total hip but will also improve the lifespan of the prosthetic joint. Dr. Farr also utilizes the latest in implant design and chooses the mobile bearing hip from Stryker as this has shown to provide more range of motion than other designs.  

To minimize muscle damage and promote quicker recovery, the team may use an Anterolateral approach to hip replacement surgery. Traditional hip replacement surgery involves making a long incision in the posterior or back of the leg, but by using the anterolateral approach, your surgeon can separate the leg muscles instead of having to cut them and repair them afterward.

Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery with a smaller incision and less cutting at Twin Palm Orthopedics is an outpatient procedure, meaning you get to return home the same day.   

If you’re living with chronic hip pain, find out more about hip replacement surgery by calling Twin Palm Orthopedics, or request an appointment online.