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Additional Testimonials


 Oh why did I not have my Total Knee Replacement done 3-4 years ago? Because I was afraid. When it got to the point that my leg was crooked & could hardly get around, I had no choice & made it my New Years Resolution for 2012. I had a friend at work that praised Dr. Farr & another acquaintance that came through his Total Knee Replacement well & was a patient of Dr. Farr. That is all it took for me to make my decision to make an appointment with Dr. Farr. Three months later I want to tell everyone it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Dr. Farr is MY HERO! Due to Dr. Farr's care & guidance from the day of the operation through physical therapy , I am doing everything again, including climbing stairs! Dr. Farr's physical Therapy team was wonderful through the whole process, starting with in home care 2 days after I came home from the hospital through 3 months after surgery. Please remember that you are only going to get out of your surgery what you put into it, so please after all of Dr. Farr's wonderful work as a surgeon, do not let him or yourself down & not follow through with your physical Therapy . Thank you Dr. Farr & your wonderful team!

Mrs. Lindsey

 I was refereed to Dr. Farr by the V.A. for a shoulder injury that I suffered from 3 years ago. Dr. Farr did 3 rotator cuff repairs and a lot of other work to my left shoulder all on a out patient basis. In less than 1 week my shoulder pain has been cut in half and is getting better every day. Today I am 3 weeks post op and can do things with my arm that I could not do with out extreme pain, or not at all. Dr Farr took the time to explain exactly what he was able to repair. With P.T. I am hoping for a full recovery. I would recommend Dr. Farr to any one that has severe shoulder pain.. Keep up the fantastic work Doc!! And thank you for everything that you are doing to help me!!!

Mr. Marszalek


 Dr. Farr did the total knee replacement on my right knee on Friday, April 13. He did a great job. Ocala Regional gave me wonderful care. I was discharged on Monday April 16 and was able to walk up the four steps to my house. By Friday April 21, I was walking without a walker or cane. By three and one half weeks post op., I was walking up a whole flight of stairs. At five weeks out I will be finished with physical therapy. I am now able to do many, many things that I haven't done in years. Thanks to Dr Farr and the staff at Twin Palm, ORMC's surgery floor, and the physical therapists who attended me. I would recommend Dr. Farr to anyone needing knee replacement.

Mr. Ware

 After my car accident, I tried everything to avoid surgery on my right shoulder. After seeing and listening to Dr. Gupta, I realized that surgery was inevitable. I have to admit, being in a sling for six weeks was no picnic, but today I feel wonderful. I recommend Dr. Gupta to anyone who needs surgery. He explains everything in detail and has a wonderful bedside manner.

Mrs. Hracs


 I had a torn Left Knee Meniscus which caused pain,a swollen leg and development of an abnormal gait.I could no longer enjoy my once active life style. All this made me sad. On the morning of 4/20/10, I walked into West Marion Hospital where Dr D Farr performed surgery on my knee. That same morning, I walked out of West Marion on crutches, pain free and with a big smile. I now look forward to enjoying my walks, gym, pool and grand kids. You see, I am 70 years old and expect excellent healthcare. I got excellent care from Dr Farr and the West Marion staff.. I am no longer sad...

Mrs. Brown

 I walked tall and erect, but only in my dreams. After years of denial, I placed my trust in the capable hands of Dr. Derek Farr, who performed a left anterior hip replacement. It seemed like a miracle the day after the surgery when I was able to walk, not hobble with a cane. I felt like shouting to the world, "Look at me, dreams do come true!" Thank you, Dr. Farr and God bless you!

Mrs. Wiley


 I started seeing Dr. Farr with a minor shoulder problem. I asked him about my left knee, which was becoming more and more painful and limiting my racquetball to making even walking and standing difficult. At age 53, I wasn't sure a complete knee replacement would give me the mobility I wanted. But in December of 2009, I decided it had to be done. Recovery took some time, but now I can walk correctly and best of all, play racquetball 4-5 times a week. I play as well as before surgery, but now without pain. Dr. Farr and his staff took great care of me, always courteous and professional. I would recommend Dr. Farr and will definitely use him again when I need a new knee or hip.

Mr. Kuminka

 I am a very active 73 yr.old female. I had a lot of pain in the shoulder and couldn't lift the my arm. I had a total shoulder replacement on September 30, 2011. I originally scheduled surgery for March 2010, but cancelled. Now I regret not doing surgery as originally planned. I started physical therapy shortly after. I went for 5 weeks of therapy,and I am almost back to playing softball and golf which I love and miss. Now I am almost 100%. Listen to the doctor. Don't wait like I did. I GIVE DR. DEREK FARR THE HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. His staff is also wonderful. I would use him again.

Mrs. Williamson


 I had an injured shoulder for over a year. Several Ocala Doctors said I was fine. After a referral; I met Dr. Farr; what a Godsend. He found three tears in my shoulder that were all not seen by previous Doctors? I had torn my knee in the meantime. He fixed both my shoulder and knee in one day and I am blessed by having found this doctor. I recommend him to everyone. He is excellent at what he does. If you go to him you will be fixed.

Mrs. Green

 I have received wonderful care from his entire nursing and office staff when I was preparing for and during my operation for a total knee replacement. Dr. Farr has restored my faith in the medical profession. He is very kind, compassionate and caring but most of all he is a very competent and talented physician. I am so impressed with his capabilities that I have spoken of his dedication to anyone who has asked me questions about my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr.Farr

Mrs. Tornello



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