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Nanofactor™: The Human Tissue Allograft

Nanofactor™: The Human Tissue Allograft

Nanofactor™ is a human tissue allograft taken from amniotic tissue that contains many biological elements. These elements are widely believed to be involved in the complex cascade of reactions that occur in tissue healing. Healthy mothers donate Amniotic tissue at the time of a live, scheduled, cesarean childbirth. The donated Amniotic tissue and fluid is harvested, cryopreserved (frozen) and shipped to an accredited lab and tissue bank. Throughout their pregnancy, the donors are meticulously screened. Both mother and child are tested again prior to the donation. Upon delivery of the tissue to the tissue bank another full screening is carried out.
Arthrosurface offers multiple Biological Solutions as early treatment options for joint pain & disease:

The Nanofactor™ – Human Tissue Allografts
The NanoFx® – A Microrracture Procedure

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