4 Encouraging Facts About Wrist Surgery

4 Encouraging Facts About Wrist Surgery

Whether you have arthritis or are coming to terms with the reality of a significant wrist injury, there’s going to be a lot on your mind as you prepare for wrist surgery. Maybe you feel worried about your surgery or have concerns about post-wrist-surgery recovery.

At Twin Palm Orthopedics, located in Ocala, Florida, experienced orthopedic surgeons Dr. Nirav Gupta and Dr. Derek Farr provide hand and wrist surgery using state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and techniques. Under the care of Dr. Gupta and Dr. Farr, you have every reason to feel optimistic about the outcome of your wrist surgery procedure.

If you have concerns about wrist surgery, read these four reasons why it’s okay to be hopeful about the process and how your procedure can improve your life.

1. Wrist surgery can end your battle with pain

The pain of acute or chronic wrist issues can be intense, limiting your ability to live your daily life as planned. It can even intrude on the quality of your sleep. You may need wrist surgery due to conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, or a fracture.

Dr. Gupta and Dr. Farr encourage everyone to explore conservative treatment options like icing, splinting, and pain management before intervening surgically. But when you need wrist surgery, you’ll need our expert surgical team ready to address your pain.

2. You can benefit from new technology

At Twin Palm Orthopedics, our team utilizes cutting-edge surgical technology, including arthroscopic techniques that allow us to minimize incision size and reduce your overall recovery time. There’s no better time than the present to need wrist surgery, as we’re continually discovering new innovations.

3. With surgery, we address wrist problems as needed

Wrist surgery can be exploratory, using visualization technologies to understand more about the condition of your wrist joint. Wrist surgery can also be a way to achieve the safe and effective removal, replacement, or repair of tissue, tendon, or bone in your wrist joint.

During wrist surgery, anesthesia keeps you from feeling pain, and we also offer sedation to relieve anxiety. That’s why you’ll need someone to drive you home after your surgical appointment.

4. Optimal post-surgery care ensures your recovery

Our team at Twin Palm Orthopedics helps you prepare for your wrist surgery and supports you through your healing and recovery processes, as well. You may need to use a brace or sling, ice the surgical treatment area at intervals to manage pain and inflammation, or take medications to reduce post-surgical pain.

Following your surgery, physical therapy and follow-up visits with our team at Twin Palm Orthopedics ensure optimal healing.

To learn more about the benefits of wrist surgery with our Twin Palm Orthopedics team, request your consultation appointment online or book over the phone today.

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