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Tom had an Arthrosurface Shoulder Restoration implant about a year ago and couldn’t be happier! He is back to mountain biking and all of his favorite activites The Shoulder HemiCAP® system is indicated for the treatment of patients with the following clinical conditions: avascular necrosis and post-traumatic degenerative disease. The HemiCAP® joint restoration procedure is […]

Nanofactor™ is a human tissue allograft taken from amniotic tissue that contains many biological elements. These elements are widely believed to be involved in the complex cascade of reactions that occur in tissue healing. Healthy mothers donate Amniotic tissue at the time of a live, scheduled, cesarean childbirth. The donated Amniotic tissue and fluid is […]

Dr. Derek Farr of Twin Palm Orthopedics uses the latest techniques in orthopedics to keep his patients happy and healthy. Ocala Style – Friday, October 28, 2011 Our mobility is something we rely on. Whether playing a game of soccer with friends or simply carrying groceries from the store, we often take for granted our […]