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It is common for patients to seek a second opinion before beginning a prescribed treatment program, particularly when surgery is a distinct possibility.

If you have recently received surgical advice from your physician but would like to seek a second opinion, the surgeons at Twin Palm Orthopedics are available to advise you on your options. Conversely, if you are post-surgery and experiencing issues not resolved by your physician, it may be helpful to consult with the team at Twin Palm Orthopedics. 

"Drs. Gupta, Farr and Goldstein are trained in cutting-edge orthopedic surgical procedures
that have until now only been offered in larger Florida cities like Orlando, Tampa and Miami."

Fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons, Drs. Gupta, Farr and Goldstein routinely provide second opinions for patients around the country. After thoroughly reviewing all pertinent test results and carefully explaining each alternative, the team will discuss an appropriate treatment plan uniquely suited to both your physical condition and personal preferences.