Is There Life After an ACL Tear?

Is There Life After an ACL Tear?

Your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) runs along the inside of your knee. The diagonally-positioned band of strong tissue regulates your knee joint’s ability to bend backward and forward without overextending.

ACL injuries are a common problem for both teens and adults, especially for individuals active in sports that involve running, jumping, and changing direction quickly. Your ACL can strain or tear, leaving you in need of medical care and expert treatment to restore your knee joint.

At Twin Palm Orthopedics, located in Ocala, Florida, our team is here to help. Sports orthopedic specialists Dr. Derek Farr and Dr. Nirav Gupta can diagnose your knee and ACL injuries and recommend the right treatment plan to get you on your feet again with minimal lasting effects.

Treating ACL tears

An ACL injury results in severe initial pain, typically accompanied by a popping sensation and loss of support from your knee. You could also notice swelling or bruising and feel a deep ache in your knee joint. You might also experience numbness in the affected area.

Our team grades your ACL injury on a scale from a Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3, depending on whether your ACL is damaged, partially torn, or fully torn through. It’s common for ACL tears to completely sever the ligament into two pieces.

When our team has a full understanding of your injury, we can recommend treatment options, including:

You may need diagnostic imaging tests such as an X-ray or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to confirm your ACL injury.

Lasting complications of ACL tears

After an ACL tear, the affected ligament will be more vulnerable to future injuries and tears. Physical therapy can help, but you may need more intensive intervention, as well.

ACL tears need to be surgically repaired to restore the strength and flexibility needed for continued peak performance. If you’re an athlete who wants to return to sports, talk to our team about the best way to treat your injury without losing too much time or conditioning during recovery.

You may be a candidate for minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery. During the procedure, a small fiber-optic camera allows your provider to enter your knee using just a few small incisions to repair your ACL and any other damage.

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