Have A Torn ACL? Here Are Your Treatment Options

Have A Torn ACL? Here Are Your Treatment Options

Knee joint strength and stability are essential for mobility. That’s even more true for active and athletic individuals.

One of the core elements that keeps your knee joints flexible and functional are the systems of ligaments that hold the knee joint together. Your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of four essential ligaments controlling your knee joint and is responsible for the joint’s backward and forward motion.

Under stress, your ACL can become damaged. In fact, ACL injuries are a common type of sports injury. Any time you land awkwardly or change direction rapidly, your ACL is at risk of strain or even complete tearing. The band of tissue that forms the ligament can fully separate, leaving the stability of your knee joint at risk.

If you think you might have an ACL injury, contact sports orthopedic specialist Dr. Derek Farr at Twin Palm Orthopedics for expert evaluation and treatment. Dr. Farr and the Twin Palm Orthopedics team offer a full range of conservative and more intensive treatment options to rehabilitate knee joints from a convenient location in Ocala, Florida.

Assessing your injury

If you experience symptoms like immediate pain, a popping sound or sensation at the time of injury, or loss of knee stability and strength, you could have ACL damage. Dr. Farr starts your treatment by assessing the severity of your injury. The condition of your ACL guides the rest of your treatment plan.

You might have small microtears in your ACL due to repetitive stress. This type of ACL damage can often be treated conservatively. At the other extreme, your ACL could have torn completely. Severe ACL tears may need surgical treatment to restore full knee stability.

Dr. Farr uses a physical examination and diagnostic imaging to assess your ACL injury and learn more about your physical condition. We also review your medical history before determining your treatment plan.

Considering your future goals

Dr. Farr additionally discusses your future goals and lifestyle plans with you as you decide on your treatment path. For example, an athlete might have a different treatment plan than someone who exercises occasionally. 

For most people, time and conservation treatment options, like bracing, splinting, and physical therapy, can heal an ACL tear. However, without surgical reattachment, the strength of your ACL will be permanently reduced.

That means that, if you want to be able to subject your knees to the kinds of pressure that come with continuing an athletic career, you should plan on surgery for your torn ACL.

Putting your treatment plan into practice

Dr. Farr supports you every step of the way as you recover from your ACL injury. Whether you opt for surgical or non-surgical treatment, you’ll be looking at some physical therapy and rehabilitation as your knee joint heals. Fortunately, you can complete your physical therapy at our on-site state-of-the-art on-site facilities at Twin Palm Orthopedics.

To learn more about the best treatment plan for your ACL injury, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Farr. Contact Twin Palm Orthopedics online or over the phone to book your session today.

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