Are You a Candidate for a Reverse Shoulder Replacement?

Are You a Candidate for a Reverse Shoulder Replacement?

Your shoulder joint gives you essential motion in your arms. If your shoulder joint has been damaged as a result of a traumatic injury or degenerative condition, you may be able to benefit from a reverse shoulder replacement.

To find out if this surgical procedure could be right for you, get in touch with our expert orthopedic surgeons at Twin Palm Orthopedics

Under the leadership of Dr. Derek Farr and Dr. Nirav Gupta, our experienced team provides care to new and existing patients from our Ocala, Florida, office. In fact, Twin Palm Orthopedics is the first location in Marion county to offer reverse total shoulder replacement surgery!

Could reverse shoulder replacement surgery help you?

Your shoulder joint contains multiple parts that need to work smoothly together to maintain your full range of motion. If parts of your joint have been damaged, replacing them with implants can help your shoulder joint move smoothly again.

In a reverse shoulder replacement procedure, we focus on different parts of your shoulder joint than those replaced in a traditional shoulder joint replacement procedure. Reverse shoulder replacement replaces the ball and socket of your joints with implants, allowing your shoulder joint to move without stiffness or pain.

Reverse shoulder surgery typically helps people with damage concentrated in the rotator cuff area of your shoulder joint.

Are you a good candidate for reverse shoulder replacement?

Reverse shoulder replacement involves attaching an artificial ball for your shoulder joint to your shoulder blade. Your artificial socket implant is surgically attached to your upper arm bone. After your surgery and recovery, you’ll be able to lift your arm using your deltoid muscle rather than your rotator cuff.

This procedure works best for people with severe rotator cuff injuries. You could also be a good candidate for reverse shoulder replacement surgery if you’ve previously had a shoulder surgery that failed and still experience pain or reduced range of motion. Reverse shoulder replacement can also be a good option for people with severe arthritis affecting the shoulder joint.

To determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure, our team at Twin Palm Orthopedics uses a physical examination, your medical history, and imaging and other tests such as blood tests, X-rays, and more as needed.

What to expect during and after your procedure

You’re unconscious during your reverse shoulder replacement surgery, so you don’t experience pain or discomfort when the procedure takes place. You may be able to return home the day of your procedure. 

After a recovery period of joint support or immobilization, therapeutic exercise, and pain management, your shoulder joint heals with less pain and an increased and more comfortable range of motion.

To learn more about reverse shoulder replacement surgery, get in touch with the Twin Palm Orthopedics team today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone or request an appointment online now.

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